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Our products bring critical reading skills, social studies concepts, and powerful messages about social responsibility and emotional strength to families and classrooms


Early Learner Products

Our Learn to Write, Love to Read series provides story-powered workbooks that use colorful and engaging children’s stories to lead 5 to 7 year-olds to practice important letter formation, phonics, and sight word-recognition skills that they’ll need to succeed in primary school.  


Middle Grade Interactive Stories

Our interactive story products connect game, puzzle, and project content directly with important history, social studies, music, and world cultures content. Our book, ebook, and audiobook products create gamified learning experiences that reinforce important inquiry skills for understanding civics, social studies, and the arts.

My Stories, My World

Guided Journals

Our My Stories, My World line of guided journals help parents and grandparents share important life stories and their first-hand views of important historical moments. Our journals provide hundreds of easy-to-use memory prompts, family trees, timelines, and personal journey maps that connect your family’s personal history to major historical events, people, and places. 

Add Your Story Anywhere

Story Stickers 


Story Stickers let parents, educators, and curators add stories, notes, explanations and feedback to almost anywhere.  Use any mobile phone or tablet to scan a Story Sticker and record a story. Then, when the sticker is scanned again your story will replay for your listeners! No apps to download or files to upload. Perfect for adding read-alongs to children’s story books, descriptions to exhibits, and backstories to old photographs. Great for providing student feedback — particularly for music and language study!



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