About Us

Welcome to Storyopolis! We design and publish story-driven educational products for children (and children at heart) of all ages.  Our mission is to ignite and fuel lifelong passions for the written and spoken word. We do that by helping students to discover and explore great books, ask powerful, provocative questions, and interact with fiction and real-life stories through games, puzzles, courses, and hands-on projects.

More than just a book...

When is a book more than just a book?

Our products help students create lasting connections between what they read and what they live.  Each product promotes child-centered experiences that are fun, engaging, and develop invaluable reading and critical thinking skills. 

Hands-on Fun

Our kitted projects enable students to actually create, explore, and experiment with the concepts and themes in their accompanying stories.

Social & Emotional Skills

Our Choices series does just that - help kids learn to make choices. At home and in-class, our programs let students learn about and explore important values like empathy, resilience, tolerance, purpose, and inclusion.

Gamified Reading

Our interactive games get kids thinking about what they're reading. They allow kids to build reading comprehensions skills and vocabulary while they're having fun.

Online Learning

Through our sister organization, Bookends, we develop and deliver synchronous online STEAM literacy programs.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Sprafkin

Founder and CEO

Lee Stoner

Marketing Head

Monica Gala

Product Designer

Global Experience

Our educational products and experiences have been enjoyed by students in top primary schools in North America and Asia


We partner with leading educators, illustrators, authors, and researchers to produce fun and innovative experiences.


We strive to create affordable products that are accessible to a diverse, global community of learners.

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